Have you ever wondered how to improve business awareness and traffic and phone calls to your business? Let us be your online autopilot creating awareness and bringing potential customers to your business with the power of online marketing.

Social Media Marketing - Small businesses and small hotels

  • Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, YouTube, TripAdvisor, and so on. It seems that every week, some new social media application comes along.  We will guide you through that jungle and pick whatever combination of platforms is best for your Whether that requires weekly press releases, monitoring your Yelp reviews or posting a YouTube video:  just leave the nitty-gritty social media marketing chores to us so you have the time to actually run your business.
  • We offer this service in (Fluent!) English, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese. You chose the main language of your choice which is included in your low monthly rate. Second and third language updates are done at an extra cost.


  • Online Distribution
    • Online business registration in directories like Google Local, Yahoo Business and Manta.com among others. Let us place your business on the World Wide Web for everyone to find!


  •  Search Engine Optimization for small businesses and small hotels
    • Have you ever wondered how and why a particular Google search provides a list of “hits” – where some items rank higher than others? It all has to do with keyword optimization and hashtags.   Still confused?   We’ll shield you from the complexities and work to put your business near the top.  We want your link to be the one that people click on.
    • We will work to ensure your business is taking advantage of all online MARKETING opportunities including cist and free opportunities available to improve your business positioning on search engines.
    • Issue weekly press releases which are picked up by search engines promoting your products, promotions or business creating awareness and traffic to your website.


Social Media Marketing can be time consuming. Our team is ready to work for you and ensure your business is aptly represented in all available media.  From online directories to daily tweets we can get more awareness and traffic to your business. Contact Us TODAY!